Short term Certification course on Website development

Best website development training in India

As HTML/CSS is most SEO friendly language and technology that not only allows you to create websites but is quite easy to learn and implement. HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language and CSS is Cascading style sheets. Using it, you can develop interactive and easily customisable websites that are very SEO friendly in nature. As HTML is considered as the most primary language for the website creation, Digital Describe teaches you the web development in most effective way. The Trainer, Mr. Anjni Kumar holds the experience of 11+ years in field of digital marketing and IT services. This is the major factor that makes Digital Describe a reliable and trustworthy name for web development services in Udaipur, India, on a very reasonable and affordable price range. With the years of experience and expertise, Mr. Anjni Kumar is very knowledgeable to explain the core concepts of web development in HTML/ CSS with greater ease. Being a programming language, it is a general perception of the students to consider it as a difficult language to learn. However, the trainer, Mr. Anjni Kumar Nandwana is committed to offer the best coaching and thus, makes this language quite easy to learn and understand, in order to use it for web development.

As Web development in HTML/CSS is a code oriented course, Digital Describe will offer you the best and most suitable guidance to improve your profile as web developer. With interactive teaching practice and classroom sessions you will be able to create the website of your own, which is given for the project to each student. This will not only help you to understand various concepts and techniques of coding in HTML/CSS but also instil a sense of fulfilment and confidence within you to work as a web developer. The project can also be used to mention as your live project in the resume. At Digital Describe, the best digital marketing and web development institute in Udaipur, India, we can assure you that once you learn the digital marketing and web development in HTML/CSS from us, you will be able to get placed in a company as a web developer.

The course will start from the very fundamentals of the coding and the subjects to in depth detail of the various tags and directories implemented while coding within the HTML/CSS. Our trainer, Mr. Anjni Kumar will cover all the tags including alt tags, image tag, marquee tag and other essential tags to be implemented for the web development training at Digital Describe. This will help in setting up of the essential tools including word processors like Notepad++, templates for website development etc. with almost a month long module including all aspects of web development you can see through the effective planning of website creation and make a career out of it.

As website is an online presence of a business or brand where they can directly sell or offer their service to their customers. In that case, there will be a constant demand of web developers in the market. This makes it as a strong and sustainable career option.

Digital Describe has carried out plenty of batches related to digital marketing and web development making it the best digital marketing and web development training institute in Udaipur, India. The trainers offers the best guidance to carry out the web development with best coaching. Also, the holistic and well planned curriculum makes it possible for the students to understand the concepts and techniques of web development. Besides this, the individual project that is been given to each student in the batch which is assessed and evaluated for test out the understanding of the trainees and their level of understanding towards the concepts.

What will you learn?

In the web development course of Digital Describe, you will be able to get a proper idea about the concepts and techniques related to web development in HTML/CSS. From the fundamentals of the programming language to the implementation of the essential tags and attributes within the website, you will be taught everything at Digital Describe. Considering web development as the essential part of the digital marketing, Mr. Anjni Kumar will teach in best possible way so that you can develop a working, sustainable strong website in HTML/CSS.

Web development is one of the strong hand of Digital Describe. With faculties having years of experience to concepts and methods been taught quite easily to holistic curriculum, Digital Describe yields the best quality web development training with individual project to mention in your portfolio. This makes Digital describe as the best web development training in Udaipur, India.


  • Fundamentals to Web development
  • HTML/CSS: a basic introduction
  • Taking and using HTML/CSS templates
  • Developing dynamic and responsive sites
  • Concepts of UI/UX
  • SEO optimisation techniques
  • Course Duration: 1 month
  • Total Certification: 1
  • Student Capacity: Max. 10 students
  • Schedule: Monday to Saturday
  • Class time: As per batch timing
  • No. of Faculty: 01

Major Tools Used By Us

We use a variety of tools and techniques that helps us to improve the effectivity of the campaigns and ads run by us.

As Digital marketing requires faster and effectively precise planning and execution. for this purpose we are required to use a range of expert tools and technologies which makes our training and digital marketing practices more precise.